English: Charismon®-Products

 La Creme du CIEL with the main effective ‘Creative Elixier‘:

Charismon® = Oil of egg



• This oil of egg is a highly purified spagyric egg-oil – a unique substance
• This oil of egg is neither contained in the yolk of the egg nor is it an extract
   of the egg

• This oil of egg is created from the yolk in a transformation process during  

• Therefore, this oil of egg may not be compared to any other existing yolk-
   product worldwide; it is an absolutely new substance made according to the
   formula of one of the last of the greatest alchemists

• The patent for this oil of egg has been registered in 34 countries all over the
   world and more patent applications will follow in further countries

• This oil of egg is the carrier of pure life-energy according to the philosophy of
   the alchemists

• This oil of egg is made from eggs. Symbolically, eggs contain all information
   and the energy of life; only heat needs to be provided and new life develops

• This oil of egg is produced according to the rules of the Alchemists and the
   Hermetic Philosophy: Divide the pure from the impure; the fine from the
   coarse, the imperishable from the mortal substance.

• In its highest state of purity, Charismon becomes absolutely imperishable, i.e.
   it does not spoil at all. Large-scale manufacturing of such an egg-oil makes no
   sense because the cost would be prohibitive

• This oil of egg, produced and offered by Alchemica GmbH as sole licensee,
   reaches a very high grade of efficacy and purity

• The production plant was planned and built by the former Hoechst AG (now
   Aventis, Axiva)

• This oil of egg is a substance that can be used locally and orally as well as
   parenterally by injections

• This oil of egg is efficient but has no side-effects at all, although this seems to
   contradict a dogma of the science

• This oil of egg has been applied locally and orally since 1984, i.e. practical
   experience has been gained over many years

• This oil of egg helps rapidly in a lot of cases of acute skin problems.

• Practical experience since 1984 has shown the importance of thin but
  frequent application of this oil of eggcream (half-hourly to every hour)

• This oil of egg is a very good substance to prevent scars, e.g. in cases of burns
   and medical surgery. Therefore this oil of egg is highly recommended in
   plastic and aesthetic/cosmetic surgery.

• This oil of egg is a very good aid in the treatment of difficult problems of the
   gums, particularly bleeding.

• This oil of egg is an excellent substance for body care products, cosmetics,

• Since this oil of egg has proven superior effectiveness on the epidermis, it is
   logic to assume the same effectiveness on internal and mucous membranes

• This oil of egg: the superior effectiveness may not be understood in a
   chemical-analytical way. Nowadays we should make every effort to look at
   things from a holistic, synergetic point of view. One violin alone can never
   match the full orchestral sound.