Charismon® - english

Charismon® = Oil of Egg

Charismon® is a alchemical produced oil of egg.

Charismon® has a patent in thirtyseven countries.

The oil is not in the egg, furthermore the Oil is produced by a way of transformation.

Oil of Egg 

contains also the so called Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, 
e.g. linoleic and linolenic acid, 
which have strong anti-inflammatory and cell-stabilizing effect.

Please find at the end of this short article  all information about Omega-fatty-acids!

A Scientists said: in no other substance in the world you get as many Omegas(Omega fatty acids) as in this oil of egg.

... it helps in wound healing

... it improves the microcirculation

The highly purified oil of egg, the quintessence of the egg, has reached the “golden standard” in a scientific clinical study at a Germany University Hospital.

This means: In international comparison, Oil of egg is one of the best ointments on inflammatory processes of the skin.

…. help for inflammed skin.

 Multiple testimonials from customers show that this
     oil of egg gives relief and help even to severe inflammatory skin problems.

... it has a positive effect on the prostaglandines and leukotrienes which induce
     inflammations and allergies.

 …. energizing effect.

The subtle energy, the quintessence of the egg, which
      already contains all energy of life and information, activates the power of
      life, rejuvenates skin and mucous membranes.

....Professor B.-H. in Frankfurt, Institute for Kinematic Cell Biology, found out,
     that Charismon® does prolonge the so called ‘apoptosis‘, i.e. the cell death.

So,Charismon® has a real "Anti-Aging-Effect!

Charismon® can be used for cosmetics, body-and hair-care, food-supplements and pharmacy, especially for burns and wounds. This is scientifically proven.

The cosmetics and body-care products are already more then twenty years on the market and they are very sucessfull used especially in Germany and China.


Charismon – Efficacy
(scientific, biophysical and symbolic explanations)

How can the high degree in efficacy on skin and mucous membranes as well as the effect on arteriosclerosis be explained?

The mere biochemical analyses shows saturated and unsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). Among those are Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

They show the following effects by forming eicosanoids:

-       regulation of the lipolyses
- dissolving of inflammatory processes
- regulation of the ion transport through the cell membrane
- herewith strong influence on the cell’s capacity to transport electric impulses
- modulation of synaptic potentials

starter of blood coagulation process
- regulation of the sleep/wake cycle
- regulation of several reproduction processes
- regulation of the cholesterine syntheses
- increase of immune defense
- fine tuning of the mood

influence on memory and feelings
- loss of eye sight due to old age 
- activity of the brain
- brain activity and eye sight capacity of small children
- growth

The high degree in efficacy cannot be explained by these facts alone.

The scientific research of life shows more and more that biochemical analyses alone is insufficient, but biophysical aspects must be considered very significantly.

Therefore, it is possible to bring a grain of wheat, which is hundreds of years old, to grow, but once the wheat grain is crushed and ground, the growing capacity is destroyed.

An organic body, to begin with biochemically analysed and then killed, and immediately thereafter biochemically analysed again, still contains the same materials.


What we consider as power of life or energy cannot be found by such methods.

Charismon®, the oil of egg, was mentioned for the first time by alchemists in the 15th century. They had a different view of nature. For them, the oil of egg is a carrier of power of life, the life energy. In conclusion, the power of regeneration regarding burns will be understood better.

Symbollically, the yolk of an egg contains all information of life, only a little heat needs to be provided and new life derives from the egg.

Through the special production process, according to the rules of the Alchemists, the Pure will be divided from the Impure, the Fine from the Coarse, and then the egg-oil, which is not in the egg before the process, develops.

A mere scientific consideration seems to be insufficient to explain the high efficacy of the egg-oil.
Therefore, the practical application and testimonials of the inventor and thousands of users reported since 1984 should be verified.

Charismon® has a strong effect externally and internally on the skin and mucous membranes, obviously on every type of cell.

urther or additional studies on Charismon’s efficacy in case of
- arteriosclerosis
- improvement of the memory
- improvement of reaction
- improvement of intelligence
- improvement of hair growth
will follow.

Further studies shall prove the improvement of mood and reduction of aggression. Multiple users have noticed these influences.

Nowadays it is known that the influcence on the emotional balance can be reached by Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids via the transformation into eicosanoids.

The effects of Charismon® are manifold, so that it can be used on different areas of the market.
Until today many scientific studies are realised.
The unique effect of Charismon® could be proved especially by the experience of thousands of customers using the cosmetic products with this substance.
elieve means not knowing, but to know means to have got the personal experience.

harismon® is very exceptional and scientifically it can not yet really be explained why the effectivness is so unusually good and significant.
But the testimonials of thousands of customers show and prove the unique effect in the different areas.

Charismon® could become an very important milestone in the history of mankind. 
It can be used in:
 Cosmetic and bodycare
- Toothcare
- Haircair and Hairgrowing
- Food and foodsupplement
- Beverages
- Skinproblems of any kind
- Burns of the skin and wounds
- general help for invigoration or regeneration
- anti aging
- arteriosclerosis

and it can be used on similar areas or problems in the animal world, even as an general help for invigoration or in breding or for animals in sporting activ

The additional oral intake gives a good possibility to use Charismon® in beverages, mueslibars, goods, schocolate oder in capsules to improve

- reaction ability
- intelligence
- general invigoration and regeneration
- potency

Charismon®, a worldwide new substance, efficacy with no sideeffects!

Charismon® - the new effective substance for the 21st century? 
(as it was retorically asked by a televison reporter)

If there are any more questions or suggestions, please contact the inventer of Charismon:

Dr. med. Werner Ch. Nawrocki, Francstr.6, 60320 Frankfurt, 

Tel. +49-69-5601577, Fax: +49-69-5604158, /